Corporate & Retail Security

Corporate & Retail Security 

Our close protection security and corporate security service are there to protect your staff, premises and prevent loss and waste of property. We are able to deal with change and can manage all sorts of problems when they arise. 

All our carefully vetted SIA licenced officers are trained to work within corporate and retail environments to ensure your premises and property are totally safe under our care. Retail security can help detect and prevent criminals from stealing or vandalising a store. 

We cater to the retail industry and cover shopping centres, and retail stores. Here at Urban Security Guards Ltd, we can help secure your store as well as prevent losses due to theft of goods. We understand the industry and know most tricks thieves would use in stores. 

Retail Security 

Shopping centres are in high demand of trained experts in Security. Our SIA approved security guards will keep a watchful eye out for thieves whether it is from individuals roaming the mall or employees within the organisation they are guarding. Urban Security Guards are trained to stay vigilant on the job and provide the right plan if there is an incident of theft or suspicious behaviour. 

Our Guards are trained to detect different threats to the general public and stay alert at all times when on the job. With the presence of Security guards in a retail environment this reduces the likelihood of theft and other suspicious behaviour and therefore create a sense of safety and care for those out to enjoy their shopping experience. 

Our retail security and corporate security services are there to protect your staff.
Our main objectives:

 Protect staff and customers
 Prevent loss and waste
 Secure our client’s premises
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